Manual Update

STEP 1: Make sure only one WIBU key is plugged into the computer

STEP 2: Create a WIBU Control File

  • Right Click on the desktop, then go to New, then click on "WIBU Control File".
  • Select "WibuBox Remote Programming Context File", make sure Overwrite existing file is checked and click the Create button.
  • A file called "MyWibuBox.wbc" should be created on your desktop.

STEP 3: Upload the WIBU Control File to the server

  • Click on the "Browse (IE) / Choose File (Chrome / Firefox) button and select the "MyWibuBox.wbc" file created in the first step.
  • Click on the "Upload File To Server" to generate an update for your key.
  • If the operation is successful a file called "update.rtu" will be sent to you. Save the file to your computer and run it (Double click on it) to update your key.
  • If the operation fails an error message will appear at the bottom of the screen.